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Sunday, November 20, 2011

what should i do???

You think what you did was okay!?
you think i don't care?
whats done is done!
you have no pain to bare 
I thought you said you loved me!?
was it all a lie?
did you want to feel lonely?
my heart weighs a ton!!
did you ever see me!
why couldn't i see!!
but you still think what you did was okay?
you don't care
I cry all night
I am just a teenage girl
Who wishes to be away from the world
Seem fine all day But when I'm alone My feelings sway Can I go on? I have been suffering for so long They do not understand That I am tired of being me That I just cannot let myself be I am ok for today, but what about tomorrow? Do I just keep cutting myself whenever I feel great sorrow? Someone, anyone, Help me

p/s > hanye sekadar luahan hati..



'Akashah said...

Don't hold on yesterday, but walk on today so that you can move on for tomorrow..

24 Zulhijjah 1432 Hijrah

Ku Azhar said...

waaa..sabo2!! :)

dyla atsuya said...

akashah > tenkiu atas nasihat 2..=)

dyla atsuya said...

ku azhar > hehe..mmg tgh sabo pown..=)