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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Deep in MY HEART !

Some said maybe I'm a loser but I think I'm not.

I can't forget everything coz I don't want to.

I'm not waiting but I just let it be.

If I said I'm waiting someone that I already hurt,

it will hurt me the most back when I know he loves somebody else.

My heart is so cold,

sometimes I don't really need human's love now.

Sometimes I'm thinking bout him,

Are you okay ?

Are you happy ?

Are you miss me ?

How's your life ?

Are you still with that girl ?

Sounds funny but I really really wanna know about him.

But then, I will never ever get the answers.

Therefore, I just pray to Allah for his happiness.

Am I a loser ?

I love to be this way even though it just like a dream, fantasy.

It's not real at all.

I can't see him with my own eyes.

I can't hear his voice and I can't see his smiles anymore.

Pathetic ?

Well, I believe someday,

I will meet someone who is love me until his last breath.

My true love maybe.

How bout him ?

Maybe he will happy with his partner.

If I could be his friend now,

I don't think I would be strong just like now.

Allah knows everything.

I love the flows that He created for me.

Totally beautiful even though I always crying again and again.

I was crying at Him every time I pray, asking for His helps.


I'm just okay.

By writing this kind of entry,

it makes me become stronger.

I love myself, my family and people surrounding me.

I would not waste my life with all the sad things.

I just need your prays for me,

I do really need your support.