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Sunday, December 18, 2011

missing my childhood !

I miss all of you equally
you were my childhood
I look back on our memories often
as every person should.

Growing up then was so easy
when I had all of you beside me
the years passes by in the blink of an eye
and the friendships we had faded quickly.

Lately I've been missing you though
and I often feel the urge to cry
why couldn't we have stayed young forever?
why must we all have to say goodbye?

I'm holding onto facades of all of you
for we all have changed since then
and we're not as close as we once were
there's no need for me to pretend.

I miss all the school dances we had
back then I was the shining star
now I'm just another face in the crowd
and getting noticed is hard.

How do I get that feeling back?
I haven't been truly happy in over a year
I'm too scared to let people in
losing them is my biggest fear.

I just wish I could be a kid again
and that you all were here with me
but we're seperated and on our own now
and I need to just let things be.

note===>>betul cakap cikgu dyla,bile kite da besar mesti akan rindu and na jadi kecik balik..bile da besar banyak tanggungjawab so much more better jadi kecikkan..



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