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Friday, October 5, 2012


For the first time I meet you,I
know you will make my life become miserable.But i Love to be with someone like you forever.


You talk to much.You make me smile.You make me cry.You make me sad sometimes but I don't mind. I just wanna be with you as long as you need me in your life.

Every second,i'm waiting for your call or msg from the first time you said you fall in love with me.A text from you already can makes me become the most happier girl in the world.Because every moment,I really miss you.

I know I'm stuborn.I know I'm a selfish person.Kuat merajuk.And kadang-kadang buat perkara yang saya tak patut buat pada awak.Tapi semua too just untuk dapatkan perhatian awak.So that you can pay more attention to me.I never mean to hurt your feeling.


There are a lot of thing that i had already plan for us.The most thing that I want to do with you is growing old together with you and spend the rest of my lives by loving you.

No matter what happen to us,I promise you that I will never leave you. Banyak dugaan yang terpaksa kita tempuhi tapi semua too takkan patahkan semagat saya untuk bersama dengan awak dan jadi yang terbaik untuk diri awak.

I try harder to make yourself feel happy whenever you wif me.Because I know,you're the best person for me to be my husband in future.I belives you.. :) shy~~~....insyaALLAH.


I want to stay beside you every moment.I never want to be apart from you.Soorry for damn much loving you.
So,please...dont you ever again being in love with someone else.Its hurt me a lot. My life is empty without you.I mean it.

You're my only one in my heart

I promise you again.No matter what happens,we'll always be together.
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saya_arief said...

semoga bahagia selalu.

dyla atsuya said...

tenkiu ^-^

✿Lady Ainaa✿ said...

semoga bahagia!!! untung si dia dapat sis dan untung sis dapat si dia.. sweettt entry, awww....

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nak tahu jalan sini

dyla atsuya said...

lady ainaa > tenkiu.. ^-^