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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

flowering meaning...

'When words escape, flowers speak'

Aster (reliable love & daintiness)
Azalea (the joy or love)
Balsam-deep red (don't touch me)
Calla Lily (hot-bloodedness)
Camellia-red (strong flame of heart)
Camellia-general (admiration, perfection, good luck)
Camellia-pink (longing of a man)
Carnations-pink (never forget)
Carnations-red (heart ache)
Carnations-plain (fascination for lady, passion)
Cardamine (devotion to you)
Calendula (the sadness of parting)
Chamomile (strength to endure adversity)
Chrysanthemum-white (truth)
Clover (promise)
Crocus-autumn (youth without vegrets)
Daffodil (respect)
Daisy (Innocence)
Dandelion (flirtatiousness)
Daphen (glory)
Fern (magic)
Flamingo Flower (love sickness)
Forget-Me-Not (don't forget me)
Fuchisa (taste & style)
Geranium-scarlet (consolation)
Geranium-rose (preference)
Golden Rod (cautions)
Hawthorn (only love)
Heliotrope (devotion)
Hill Lily (dignity)
Honey Flower (love, sweet & secret)
Hyacinth-white (tranquil love)
Ivy (fidelity)
Japanese Quince (mediocrity)
Jasmine (winsomeness)
Jonquil (response to love)
Lady's Slipper (win me and wear me)
Lilac (sprouting love)
Lilac-purple (sprouting love)
Lilac-white (beautiful promise)
Maiden Blush Rose (only you know my heart)
Marguerite (secret love)
Mignonette (your qualities surpass your charms)
Monkshead (danger is near)
Morning Glory-white (bursting with happiness)
Narcissus (mystery)
Oats (witching soul of music)
Olive (peace)
Orange Blossoms (chastity)
Pansy (pure love)
Passion Flower (faith)
Peach Blossoms (I'm your captive)
Pear (affection)
Primrose (youth and distress)
Rose-white (respect)
Rose-yellow (beauty)
Rose-moss (loveliness)
Rose-damask (brilliant personality)
Rose-tube (adventure)
Stock (eternal beauty)
Sunflower (adoration)
Sweet Briar (love)
Sweet Pea (depart)
Tuberose (dangerous pleasure)
Tulip (beautiful eyes)
Tulip-white (unrequited love)
Tulip-yellow (expression of Love)
Tulip-purple (eternal love)
Verbana (prey for me)
Violet-white (selfless love)
Violet-purple (love)
Violet-yellow (modest happiness)
York & Lancaster Rose (warm heart)

meaning of roses-number of stalks


imagine u get thiis bouquet of flowers..

1 stalk : Love at first sight
2 stalks : Mutual feelings
3 stalks : I Love You

7 stalks : I'm madly in love with you
9 stalks : We'll be together forever
10 stalks : You are perfect
11 stalks : You are my treasured one
12 stalks : Be mine!
13 stalks : We will be friends forever
15 stalks : I'm really sorry
20 stalks : I will be always faithful to you
21 stalks : I'm committed to you
36 stalks : Remembering our romantic times
40 stalks : My genuine love for you
99 stalks : I will love you on all the days of my life
100 stalks : I'm completely devoted to you
101 stalks : You are my one and only
108 stalks : Will you marry me?
999 stalks : My love will last till the end of time

sumber from incik google

romantikkan cmnie????



♥Lady Ainaa♥ said...

Wahhhhhhh.....dlu ena bg entry tntang national flower for country..ni lak languages of flower...nic sharing dear....minta share ek..hehehe...

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NOVA said...

entry jiwang n romentik laaa... nice you're entry dear... :)

dyla atsuya said...

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